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What I do...


-Custom handmade jewelry

-Bridesmade/Groomsmen gifts

-Home decor

-Floral arrangements

-Planted arrangements

-Indoor plant consultations

-Jewelry parties in your home

-Floral design workshops 

-Bridal showers

-Baby showers

-Small weddings

-Weekly flowers

-Flowers for the office 

About the artist...

Hi, my name is Karly. Since I was a little girl I watched my grandma paint these beautiful pieces of art and when I was young I wanted to be just like her. I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn't mimic her artistic approach and eventually grew into a style my very own.


While I love painting, I acquired over the years many other artistic skills. In 2016 I decided to apply those skills and begin my career path. I started working with jewelry, and lacking the formal education, had to be resourceful and find ways to improvise. In doing so, I found copper piping and developed ways to manipulate and transform it into jewelry as well as home decor items. Soon I found myself in love with copper. Not only because I found ways to utilize it, but because of it's raw beauty... and the fact it goes well with everything! 


By the end of 2016, I started working part time at San Clemente Florist and found a new love- flowers. Having worked in the plant industry at Roger's Gardens for 5 years prior, I gained a lot of knowledge about various plants which has helped me in learning floristry. Using what I've learned, I've begun weaving these interests into my work by offering floral/plant arranging services as well as florals for small weddings and workshops.


I hope you will follow me in my journey as I continue to learn, explore, and mold k bird design.


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