Believe it or not, copper has metaphysical properties. Its conductive energy assists in blood circulation, arthritis/ joint pains, energy levels, detoxifying the body, internal and external diseases, and so much more. It's quite the healer. 

Everyone has something special to say. These cuffs are customizable to suit you and your life. It could be a quote that's meaningful to you, a reminder, a word, a name, a date, etc.

Tell me what you would like stamped in the "customize" field. Please keep in mind that I can only fit so much and it looks best when kept at around 15 letters or less. However, I can fit up to 25. In this field you can also leave me further details such as upper/lower case letters or having the words on the inside the cuff. Additionally I would love to hear the story or meaning behind your customization. I may even share on instagram or facebook if you'd like me to!

K Bird Design
Handmade Jewelry in San Clemente, CA

Custom Copper Cuff

  • All items are made by hand. Many are one of a kind pieces. In the event that the product you seek is sold out, please email If I have/can acquire the materials a special order may be possible, and we can discuss the time frame and any other details. All sales are final. Please enjoy, and share the k bird love!

  • Copper Information:

    Copper can oxidize against skin, especially when worn tightly like a ring where there isn't much air between your skin and the surface of the copper. Bracelets and necklaces tend to fare better. However, if it happens, your skin will turn a greenish tint. This is not an allergic reaction, it's normal with copper. It's simply a reaction to your body's chemistry at any particular time. It happens when your body is copper deficient and your skin is trying to obtain it; and also when your skin becomes more acidic (when you perspire, are stressed, or have dietary changes... usually a heavy junk food diet). You can purchase renaissance wax or other forms of sealer online if you wish to combat the green. I do have some but don't put it on the copper because it takes away from it's healing properties. If this isn't of concern to you, please make note in the customize field and I can apply it. There is still a chance the copper will overrule however; and eventually it will wear off reguardless.

    Copper Care:

    The best way to care for your copper is to remove it in wet circumstances (pool, shower, washing dishes, etc) as it will cause it to patina quicker. However, some people like the dulled patina look over the shiny. When/if you do want to shine it up the best and most cost effective way is to take a toothbrush and some lemon juice and scrub away!