Everyone has something special to say. These coins are customizable to suit you and your life. It could be a quote that's meaningful to you, a reminder, a word, a name, a date, etc. 

Tell me what you would like stamped in the "customize" field. Please keep in mind that I can only fit so much and it looks best when kept at around 15 characters or less including spaces. I can stamp on both sides too so it's like having 2 necklaces in one! In this field you can also leave me further details such as upper/lower case letters. Additionally I would love to hear the story or meaning behind your customization. I may even share on instagram or facebook if you'd like me to!

Please choose from a silver or copper coin below as well as a sterling silver or gold fill chain and your words. The chain is 30" long.

K Bird Design
Handmade Jewelry in San Clemente, CA

Custom Long Coin Necklace

  • All items are made by hand. Many are one of a kind pieces. In the event that the product you seek is sold out, please email karly@kbirddesign.com. If I have/can acquire the materials a special order may be possible, and we can discuss the time frame and any other details. All sales are final. Please enjoy, and share the k bird love!