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Crystals... Are they Healing?

As a jewelry maker who uses semi precious stones and crystals in my work, I'm constantly getting questions about crystals. I get asked whether I believe in their healing energy, what a particular stone represents, etc. I get some people who instantly spew their opinion on how stones and crystals are a load of shit, and others who are so interested and believe in them to their core. So what is the truth?

Scientifically speaking there are no studies which prove that crystals heal, especially in the medical sense. According to doctors and scientists the only thing studies have shown is that of a placebo effect. Believe what you will, but this is the scientific view point.

What do I believe? It would be easy for me to say yes, this crystal attracts this and this stone attracts that and use peoples' beliefs as a way to make money but I don't want to do that so here's my truth. I think crystals bring about positive energy and can be healing in a spiritual way. I think their aesthetic alone is a source of positivity, and sometimes all you need is something pretty to look at to feel better. Take art for example, it can make you feel a wide range of emotions, good or bad; and it doesn't have any mystical powers it just reminds you of a time in life or makes you see things differently. Sometimes just the color can cause you to have a particular feeling. Which brings me to my next point. All these stones represent certain healing energies or properties such as love, stress relief, ridding negative energy, etc. If you research enough you'll notice particular energies being attributed to a color group. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline, and Pink Opal are all associated with love and are said to attract love into your life.

Similarly, green stones usually have to do with money or growth and blue stones usually have calming properties. To me, the idea that these pink stones, which are found in different places across the world, will attract love to your life is far-fetched. If these metaphysical properties exist, it would make sense in my mind that they would exist in stones of a particular region, not a particular color. This leads me to believe that they don't have certain powers or properties, but rather are associated with a feeling. Additionally it's a natural element, something raw and beautiful. Watching a sunset can make you feel warm and happy, being in a green forest might make you feel energized and inspired, being near the water can make you feel calm and at ease. That being said, why wouldn't natural stones or crystals make you feel a certain way?

Personally I wear a lot of turquoise and other blue stones because they make me feel happy and at ease. They also make me think of the ocean when I look at them so it makes me feel at home. I like having crystals around the house because they make me feel surrounded by positive energy. So yes, I do believe they have the power to make us feel better... not in the medical sense, but in the energy and feeling they provide. I think the color of the stone does bring about certain feelings or energies. I don't, however, believe that each stone can bring something specific to your life like love and protection, or keep certain things from happening like jealousy or stumbling on words. Ultimately how we use them or what we feel they do for us is up to you as an individual. That's the beauty of life, we all have our own minds and can believe what we want to believe. What do you believe?

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