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Indoor Water Garden

People have been propagating cuttings in water for years, but did you know you can use those cuttings for a kickass indoor water garden?

I was given a cutting about 6 months ago and I've been experimenting since. I put my cutting in a cute little glass bottle, and watched it's roots grow and grow until eventually I had to give it a bigger home. It's become somewhat of an obsession and I now have a collection forming both at home and at the florist shop where I work.

These are the plants I've had luck with so far.


-Maranta (prayer plant)

-Marimo Moss Ball (in image)

-Monstera (swiss cheese plant)

-Pachira(money tree)


-Pothos (in image)

-Schefflera (umbrella plant)

-Wandering Jew

A water garden is great if perhaps you find an indoor jungle to be too much to handle or if you prefer a more minimalistic approach to plants. They are simple, require very little maintenance, and make a beautiful addition to the home.

In order to get a cutting you will have to of course cut a piece off a mature plant. Perhaps you have a friend with a plant you like or maybe you have a plant at home that you want to use. Pothos and other vining plants are what I've had the best luck with. Cut a piece that's about 4-6 inches long and pull off the bottom couple of leaves. These nodules where you've removed the leaves will act as a wound that the plant tneeds to tend to. Once you've removed those leaves you just stick it in some water with the remaining foliage outside the water, and wait for it to start rooting. If your cutting is a little top heavy feel free to use some rocks or marbles to weight it down. Certain plants require different techniques for propagation. Upright growing plants will generally need a piece cut at the base of the plant where a few stems have grown. Again, remove one of the stems to create the wound. If you're not sure what to do, there's always google.


-Bright, filtered light is best to promote growth

-Make sure to change water if it's getting cloudy or dirty

-Make sure to fill container when water levels get low

Things to keep in mind:

-Don't be impatient... some cuttings can take months to start growing roots. I had this issue with the monstera I was rooting. I almost gave up on it, but it came around.

-This may take some trial and error; and you could lose a few along the way. Don't give up though, you will find something that will work for you.

-Experiment, have fun. If you're not sure it will work, try it anyway!

-While they're beautiful and fun, not all of these plants will live in water long term. The ones I've tried have done well so far, but again I've only been experimenting for so many months... I may find them spent one day.

-You can purchase and use a growth hormone to help your cutting root if you'd like, however I've had success without it.

I've seen lots of posts online about people putting beta fish in their water garden. Please only put your beta fish in with aquatic plants! There are many plants that are harmful to the beta, it's not worth risking their innocent lives for a pretty centerpiece.

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